ORGABRAIN together with Tutorize at the LEARNTEC 2019: from 29th January 2019 to 31st January 2019 you can visit us at the fair in Karlsruhe. We are looking forward to seeing you!!
We always want to be in contact with you. In order to do so, we also organize events in-house and as a road show where you can participate.

  1. Handpicked HR congresses
  2. Fireplace interviews
  3. tv reports
  4. tv evenings with culinary delight “Wein & Wuzz“

The Orgabrain “Academy and Knowledge Media” team is offering 12 webinar modules along the Orgabrain Wima Action Plus model. In parallel, we produce in-house webinars “on demand”.
Knowledge Management
The knowledge management tool ensures the targeted creation and distribution of knowledge in your company. In peer-to-peer knowledge discussions valid knowledge is created and the entries are omnipresent, usuable and can be shared. Digitize the entire knowledge of your company with our proven tool! Mehr erfahren
Learning Management
Our Learning Management tool ensures your employees the greatest educational success. Take the preparation of seminars and learning formats into your own hands and keep track of current training needs in real time. Mehr erfahren
Talent Management
The Talent Management tool maps the personnel requirements and personnel development in your company. You are always up to date regarding the skills and talents of your employees. Support the development of your staff in a targeted manner and always find suitable specialists. Mehr erfahren

About ORGABRAIN: The human part of digital readiness

We support your plans to modernize knowledge and learning management. For that to happen, we harmonize our award-winning Knowledge and Learning Management tools with smart methods of securing and pinpointing distribution of knowledge. Our particular strength lies in the direct linkage of Knowledge and Learning Management, since knowledge arises from learning. The Orgabrain Learning Services help with the digitization of your learning contents as well as with your academy management.

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3 pillars of ORGABRAIN

With our tried-and-tested knowledge and learning management tools, we combine AI-based software solutions with modern HR 4.0 methods. Through the interplay of technical digitization knowledge and knowledge of personnel and organizational development, our software tools enable you to transform digitally into a learning organization. More here …

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Methods & Consulting
Apply successful methods.

In addition to providing tools and training, Orgabrain supports companies in the successful implementation of modern knowledge and learning solutions. For this purpose, Orgabrain has developed the “Wima Action Model Plus”. Example: By passing on experience, we differentiate between managers, specialists, commercial employees and trainees. In addition to that, we use target-group-specific methods based on the persona principle and thus help to keep the teams up to date. More here…

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Learning Services
Produce learning content and deliver content.

Learning and knowledge systems depend on the content. The Learning Factory Team provides you with e-learning contents or produces new contents exactly as you require. Moreover, the Orgabrain E-Learnings Production Management is so lean and smart that it is just such a great pleasure to work with it. Our spectrum ranges from the short e-learning nugget to the development of executive programs and technical 3D animations. More here…

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Wima Action Model Plus

Our consulting approach

The method and consulting company ORGABRAIN has developed an independent consulting approach and software-based methods that help companies and institutions to understand complex relationships and to use collective intelligence. The fields of activity of nextpractice range from the method-based, strategic management consultancy through the design of cultural development processes to the implementation of the goals with the latest tools and methods.

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